Tax Technology Optimization (TTO)

Fandl Gagnon Tax Services

When surveyed, most tax professionals will say that they only utilize a fraction of the technology that is available to them.  Paying for something that adds no value is something no one likes to do. Through TTO, we can review a single process or the workflow of an entire tax department, identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas where the appropriate level of technology could reduce or eliminate manual processes.

Doing more with less seems to be the mantra of many tax departments today. However, without a proper plan of how to do more with less, you just end up with overburdened staff. This ultimately leads to human errors, tax exposure, and staff turnover.

FandlGagnon has significant experience helping companies streamline their internal tax processes applying various tax technology services and solutions. By replacing manual-error-prone and time-consuming repetitive processes with the use of technology, companies gain efficiencies and free up skilled tax professionals to focus on more high value projects, thereby allowing you to get more done in less time while not “overtaxing” your staff.