Exemption Certificate Management

Fandl Gagnon Tax Services

You need help with tax exemption certificates but with many solutions to choose from, selecting the right one for your company can be difficult; and software selection is just the start.  Once the application has been installed, who will manage the software and maximize its capabilities?  Too often, we encounter companies that have an exemption certificate management system installed yet continue to experience time-consuming and profit-draining sales tax issues for both vendor purchases and customer sales.  Why?  Because effective exemption certificate management requires constant focus and commitment.

Our proprietary software application, CertSOLV, is how we bring our experience to bear, integrating the tax exemption process into the flow of operational and financial management, while accounting for and adapting to differences in vertical markets and the tax jurisdictions in which you engage.  CertSOLV validates and indexes existing certificates for both payables and receivables, then creates an automated pathway to smooth the process going forward.  CertSOLV integrates with your payables and billing systems and tax calculation engine to help ensure procedures are followed, and proper tax determinations are made.

You can choose to manage the process internally by licensing CertSOLV or outsource your exemption certificate management process to ACTSOLV where we become your exemption certificate management department.

The real value is in the fact that mismanaging exemption certificates can result in significant overpayment of sales taxes on purchases, remittance of sales taxes not collected from exempt customers, as well as tax, penalties, and interest on improperly exempted customer sales. In the end, valuable time can be wasted during the audit process and profits can be lost.