Corporate Income Tax Services

Fandl Gagnon Tax Services
Our clients are constantly challenged by issues that arise out of the income taxation of their businesses, and with the wave of sweeping legislative changes in the United States over the past several years (federal and state), there has never been a more challenging time for income tax professionals.

Whether it be at the federal, state, or local level, the FandlGagnon corporate income tax team can help you stay compliant with filing responsibilities, and proactively identify, analyze, and resolve your issues and realize your opportunities.

At the state income/franchise tax level, not only did the landmark 2018 US Supreme Court decision in Wayfair turn the sales tax world on its head, it also gave states the leverage they have been looking for since the 1950s to broaden the definition of nexus thereby increasing their reach to companies that had previously been able to avoid income taxation in many jurisdictions.

Since the turn of the century, the taxing regimes of the major (and minor) US states have become increasingly diverse.  Decoupling from federal changes, implementation of alternative-base taxes, and sweeping changes to apportionment and revenue sourcing methods revenue have collectively contributed to make managing the multistate taxation of both US and foreign-based businesses an overwhelming task.

In addition, through our membership in BOKS International, a Top 15 global alliance of tax, accounting, and law firms, we can assist our clients in solving income tax challenges in almost every country in the world.

Our Corporate Income Tax Services include: