Risk Mitigation

Fandl Gagnon Tax Services

Tax skeletons in the closet? Maybe you have balance sheet reserves for tax liabilities you would like to resolve, or maybe you have exposure for nexus-related (hello Wayfair) or other noncompliance.

Whether for direct (income/franchise) or indirect (sales/use, property, gross receipts, etc.) tax, FandlGagnon has frequently identified phantom or reduceable exposure items in client reserves. We have also successfully navigated voluntary disclosure or amnesty applications throughout the United States, including in cases where clients are technically ineligible for relief.

Through proven processes, we have been able to save clients millions of dollars in business taxes, penalties and interest. When auditors suddenly demand quantification of exposure items in one or many jurisdictions, we can quickly determine realistic and supportable estimates. Our tax advisory team will also develop an actionable plan to resolve these liabilities quickly and efficiently.

For any business to succeed today, it has to take firm and direct control of risk. To meet this goal, you must embed risk into your day-to-day operations and let it fuel important decisions, then channel that knowledge to proactively formulate real business value.

FandlGagnon can help you regain control by implementing a risk mitigation framework that will reduce business tax risks, and add value to your bottom line as well. Let our team take the reins and address issues in your business before they become a problem, injecting operational safeguards against potential risk.