Sales & Use Tax Outsourcing

Fandl Gagnon Tax Services

With the advent of Wayfair legislation in nearly all states, the sales & use tax function has grown significantly for most companies.  Without a dedicated compliance system, effective data management, a robust front-end decision module, the sales and use tax function can overwhelm a tax department and lead to inaccurate filings and consistent penalties and interest.

Tax technology and the implementation of artificial intelligence is critical in the efficient management of today’s sales and use tax function.  FandlGagnon has the expertise in assisting companies with front-end implementation, data management, reporting and compliance.

FandlGagnon’s Sales & Use Tax Outsourcing Services include all steps necessary to effectively manage the sales and use tax function; including data review and import, return prep and filing and payment of tax using a dedicated imprest account, audit support, reverse audits and management reporting.

Our secure on-line data warehouse allows clients access to all of its sales & use tax documents including returns, notices, and compliance calendars.  We handle all aspects of sales & use tax outsourcing as part of our overall sales and use tax services offering.