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Who we are

FandlGagnon is a full-service tax consulting firm specializing in the domestic taxation of corporations, from Fortune 500 to middle market and emerging businesses. Founded by former Big 4 tax partners, FandlGagnon professionals are highly skilled, leveraging leading edge experiences to bring ambitious and creative tax solutions to our clients.

Tax Services

FandlGagnon is the tax advisory firm that empowers companies to do more with less. In addition to providing process improvement and tax technology solutions, we offer a broad array of compliance and consulting services including:

Fandl Tax Services
Fandl Tax Services - Outsourcing


An efficient tax department spends most of its time on proactive planning and controversy; and less time on compliance and administration. Unfortunately, not every tax department is as efficient as it should be; further, not every tax department can fully support full-time dedicated compliance professionals nor has the budget to invest in the technology necessary to efficiently manage today’s tax department.  As such, outsourcing of these important tax functions can often be both a tax savings and cost savings decision.

FandlGagnon specializes in outsourcing direct, indirect and international taxes. In fact, FandlGagnon has outsourced some of the largest companies in the world, filing millions upon millions of direct and indirect tax returns. FandlGagnon specializes in:

Through effective management, application of technology, constant client communication and time-tested compliance protocols – FandlGagnon outsourcing services are unparalleled in the marketplace. Our constant focus on client feedback and process improvements driven by the application of tax technology, results in efficient and cost-effective outsourcing services. FandlGagnon’s outsourcing services are provided from our dedicated outsourcing centers in Las Vegas, Nevada and Cebu City, the Philippines.


Tax Technology

Our tax technology team works closely with you to identify opportunities to integrate the appropriate level of technology into your workflows to create cost and process efficiencies, freeing up human resources for higher value projects.

Fandl Tax Services

Our Clients

FandlGagnon has represented some of the largest companies in the world on some of the most complex federal, state, and local tax issues. Meet some of our clients: